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Make Yourself Better at SEO


Photo that was used in the Body Activated Learning 30 page booklet.


As a business, you would want your own website to be viewed and visited by more people and this is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization, comes in. Just as the name suggests, in a nutshell, SEO is a technique that you can use to make your own website or a webpage appear higher in the list of results when someone searches query related to your content on a search engine. But how exactly do you make it possible? Well, that mostly depends on your content as search engine's software works by finding similar texts.


I have thus, listed down ten tips that would help you get a better hold of how you can use SEO in your favor.



1. Create the Google My Business Page

If you’ve been staying up-to-date with the terminologies of the internet world, chances are that you know already what an SSL is. For those who are new to this term, SSL is an electronic protocol that ensures the security of online communications over computer networks. The way it does this is by checking whether the online content is being delivered by and to a verified sender or receiver. For example, let’s suppose that you’re dealing with one of the leading e-commerce sites of today, EBay. SSL would in that case ensure that you are indeed on EBay’s site and not someone else’s.


2. Build a Stable NAP for business

NAP is an abbreviation for Name, place, and address. When Google searches the web for your query, it's main focus remains on name, place and the address. If you're using abbreviated forms for your address like "NY" instead of "New York" it might not show up in the search results. Therefore, it is best to be careful and consistent while providing your details that hold significance whether it is online or offline.


3. Online listings


4. Develop Backlinks to Website

Approach other websites and convince them to link to your website. You may even ask bloggers to work with you. Get familiar with their community and learn how your website can be beneficial for both the parties. Offer to sponsor and attend their events if required. Remember that making a personal connection not only leads to offline popularity but also gets you online recognition.


5. Make Specific Landing Pages

Writing down your business and the name and content of your page isn't always enough for you to get more visibility. The key is to be more specific. The more details that can be added, the better it is for your webpage. For example, along with your title and content also write down the location. Not only the country and the city but also the neighborhood that is concerned with whatever you may do. This will help you get a higher rank in the search engine listings.


6. Use Lengthier and Connecting Keywords

Again, this has to do more with being specific and long. If you're using long keywords such as "the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Austin" instead of "singer Austin" that puts you out of the box and your audience gets a wider range to find you. The competition between you and other websites will also reduce.


7. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

A large fraction of people use their mobile phones while searching. It might also be the main reason why Google has changed its algorithm to prefer mobile friendly websites first in their rankings. If your website is customizable to look good from mobile views, tablets as well as desktops then you have a higher advantage compared to nonmobile friendly websites.


8. Be Responsive

Being responsive is a must. Reviews are something that can make you or break you. When people leave reviews for you on Google or any other website then it's your job to respect people's opinions and reply with gratitude. There may also be negative comments and criticism which you must handle well. Doing this will boost your reputation and more people will know about you and your work.


9. Post local content

If your main focus is to be seen and recognized in local searches then your content should resemble the same. Being specific about your local area, providing FAQs, blogs about your company and a homepage that introduces your work in a good manner is what's attractive to search engines.


10. Be Active on Social Media

You need to constantly work on your social media page to optimize it accordingly from time to time. Always keep in check that your details and NAP are correct. Be aware of what's hyping and what's in trend. You've to be active on social media and maintain good bonding with people who can help you take your work further.


Hope this article helps you to achieve better SEO in terms of your business.