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Designing a website isn’t just about combining words and images and unleashing them on the world. Publishing is the art of presenting the right content in the right way. The combination of design and content, when done right, are inseparable and powerful.


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CLIENT: Talis Jewels

CLIENT: Rracis Restaurant

CLIENT: AllCare Orthotics & Prosthetics

CLIENT: Brigham and Women's Hospital Fellowship Program

CLIENT: G&R Pools of Mahopac

CLIENT: Mars Properties

CLIENT: Peter Tenzer Photography

CLIENT: Pretty Face Medi Spa

CLIENT: CiboPelle

CLIENT: Piney Point Offices

CLIENT: US Ceiling

CLIENT: T. Time Show Stables

CLIENT: Beta Shim Company

CLIENT: Family Foot Care

CLIENT: Johnny D's BBQ & Burgers

CLIENT: Johnny D's BBQ & Burgers

CLIENT: Peekskill Shell Auto Repair & Tires

CLIENT: Brew Medical and Rejuvenation Clinic

My Approach to Website Development


Designing a successful website, or any design is a process that requires certain key elements: creativity, research, hard work, and communication. Your website is an organic digital product that will deliver a return on investment. It will help to communicate an effective message to help grow your brand and customer base.

Discovery Process

Defining a roadmap is the first step.  It is here where budgets are discussed, scheduling defined, sitemap outlined and vision realized.  This process of discovery will insure a successful website that meets everyone’s expectations and goals.

Design Stage

A layout will be outlined using a simple wireframe approach.  Like a blueprint, this wireframing will helps define the general design direction.  Once approved, the design process begins. Using client assets (logos, photos, written content, etc…) a comprehensive layout and intuitive design will be developed that will echo your brand and vision. A style guide will also be developed during this stage, creating a digital library of assets that can then be easily accessed.

The Build

Once the design is approved the development process (coding: CSS, HTML5, Programing and JavaScript) begins and your vision is brought to life.  The site is staged on a private test server. The website pages are populated with content, links, forms, responsive functionality and basic SEO elements implemented.  The website will not only look shiny, on the outside but under the hood will be a well-oiled machine.


The website functionality is tested on a variety of platforms as well as different devices and browsers. The goal is to have a consistent user experience across all viewing points.

Go Live

We will coordinate with the hosting provider to ensure a smooth and successful website launch. We will continue to monitor the site and backup the site after any update.

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